The Il Mulino Italian restaurant is a true urban gem, where we used an industrial look along with the usage of various wooden cladding and design elements to give a warm and cosy feeling  to this urban gastric experience.

Moon Valley 5th Settlement

Moon Valley
5th Settlement

Spoiling the customer with various features to delight, from the jacuzzi overlooking the garden with complete privacy, to the shower for two, Core was able to efficiently use every inch of space to deliver on a truly luxurious bathroom design.

Reception Luxurious design elements and furniture in the reception and lounge area along with use of genuine wood cladding, hidden storage with a marble mounted entertainment system provides a luxurious feel while still offering al the desired function and use of this living space..


Being able to grow with this family, this Vintage apartment extension onto the property added our client’s son the freedom a separate entrance studio in his own taste, while blending seamlessly with the original property.

A lot of vintage style woodwork was used to support the vintage look and feel of this extension piece.

Project Challenge: The project needed to be completed withing a very small space on the property to add an apartment with a private entrance, utilities, and amenities on the second floor.

Nile Cournich Apartment

Is an apartment on the river Nile. This Luxurious apartment home with wooden cladding, various marble elements and clever use of lighting, mirrors and contemporary design elements offer a warm yet stylish contemporary living space.

The Exquisite Marble Entrance and various artworks, has you stepping into a modern contemporary Luxurious jewel on the river Nile.

Somabay Wadi Gebal

Somabay is a truly magnificent gem with ocean views from almost all windows. To maximize on this magnificent wrap around ocean view that required various creative design elements.

This luxury apartment came with unique design challenges with a very small lounge that needed to optimize to provide the client with a piece of retirement heaven, maximizing on stylish and luxurious retirement living.

Somabay comes with all the amenities, in a relaxed modern design incorporates floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom and the best of the apartment, becoming an excellent retirement investment.

Swanlake Villa

The Interior of SwanLake was designed by Prime Studio, and the design focus was to use various material including a lot of wood, steel, custom marble elements.  Because of the complicated design elements, the challenge was to connect these complicated elements in a synergistic manner to a luxurious and open plan living space.

The Swanlake Villa interior was designed around the inner courtyard that offer natural light throughout the villa and using varies complex design elements to showcase the feeling of openness when you step into Swanlake.

Inner court brings a lot of natural light to the inner sanctuary of Swanlake and flow through each individual design element.

Project Challenge:  A Tight budget allocation to the interior portion of the project, along with narrow timeline to deliver on an intricate design with various complicated elements that needed to cohesively come together to deliver an exceptional living space.

Caesar North Coast Mediterranean Villa

Caesar North Coast
Mediterranean Villa

Using bright and light colours in various design elements, we made this space look bigger and more opulent.  The focus was the appearance of high ceilings to maximize impact of this luxurious design.

The open kitchen plan in a Mediterranean feel in addition, allowed us to achieve the feel of being connected to the outdoor with the usage op a big kitchen island make the space seem even bigger and with the big windows, achieve the overall all feel of an urban oasis.

The big windows add a lot of natural lighting inside the house and brings the outside inside and naturally flow.

Caesar North Coast Modern Villa

Caesar North
Coast Modern Villa

This design was focused on the use of the huge 11 x 4 wall in the primary living area. To achieve this, we used different types of wood and mirrors to give a modern design feeling.

The primary focus was on the massive wooden cladding on the main wall, complimented by the use of simplistic high ceilings, a variety of wood, mirrors, and other design elements to make this a centrepiece, perfect for modern summer house living.

The modern design elements were continued through out the property in the bathrooms and modern style kitchen to cohesively produce this stunning property.